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We support automatic brokerage connections with over 1,000 brokers from US, Europe, UK, Asia, ...

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You can track nearly any stock, ETF or Mutual Fund on the planet. We support all major stock exchanges

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Add your holdings in multiple currencies - USD, CAD, SAR, ... and view portfolio performance in your native currency

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Does it take a lot of time to use Excel spreadsheets? Is it difficult to keep track of investments? The broker's app doesn't always show the information you need? We are here to help!

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How much of your profit disappeared as a broker's fee? How to calculate the average annual return correctly? We have answers to every question!
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It takes just a few minutes to link your brokerage account - we will do the rest. Making successful investment decisions has become easier. We support importing reports from 15 brokers and brokerage connections with thousands of brokers with Yodlee.

Calculate your dividend income

See the future dividend payouts for the year ahead, and keep track of the dates and amounts in our dividend calendar.
See your future dividends and dividend calendar

Detailed dividend analytics

Track dividend income, monitor the growth of company payouts and forecast your passive income

Dividend calendar

The dividend calendar helps to track the dates of dividend payouts, compare current and planned earnings and predict income for the year ahead

Dividend rating

Assesses the financial condition of the company and helps you create a safer source of passive income

Dividend growth

Many companies tend to increase dividend payments now. We make sure you clearly see by how much your passive income in your portfolio grows

One-click portfolio rebalancing

Our categories help to have a balanced portfolio, make monthly purchases, introduce several strategies in one portfolio, as well as view analytics separately for each category and compare them with one another

Easily track the efficiency of your investments


Compare the profitability of your investments with popular indices: S&P 500, MOEX, NASDAQ and others

Risk-adjusted returns

We calculate several metrics for your portfolio, one of them is the Sharpe coefficient. It helps to balance risk and profitability in a portfolio, as well as compare portfolios with one another

Real portfolio diversification

We not only show portfolio diversification by sectors, countries, regions and asset classes, but also reveal the composition of the funds included in the portfolio

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